Eitan Chitayat | Brand Builder | Consultant | Speaker
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Eitan Chitayat

Brand-Builder | Creative Director

I’m a brand-builder and the founder of the international Natie Branding Agency. I’ve lived in Hong-Kong, London, Tel Aviv, New York and Boston and have been a judge in advertising’s finest competition, The One Show. I learned from the best at BBDO and Ogilvy and Mather in NYC, Arnold Worldwide in Boston, and I was the ECD of TBWA Digital in Tel Aviv.

I created “I’m That Jew“, a viral video that’s been seen over 10 million times on various platforms and gave a TEDx talk about why I created it. I’m also the co-creator of She’s that Woman, founded The 5 Percent Club and am a founding chapter member of Entrepreneur’s Organization, Israel.

Brand Expert

To deliver an impactful brand, you can’t just design something ‘cool’ with some catchy language. Companies need to dig deep, do some soul searching and get their story right. For those who take it seriously, the ROI is huge. And they’re the ones I love working with.

I’ve built authentic brands in Start-Up Nation for the likes of Medisafe, Nutrino, Valtech, Kryon, Signals, Elma, Asserson, Waterlogic and Sightec. Google, Apple, Facebook + YouTube? Sure. I’ve worked with them, too. Branding is a beautiful craft. I’m glad it’s mine.


Online courses, workshops and events are all very well. But to forge ahead with your business needs, sometimes you just want some guidance and advice that’s super-specific to you. In those cases, there’s just no substitute for some good old one-on-one mentorship.

I provide consulting and support for companies, large and small – from VCs looking to nurture their start-ups, all the way to corporations who’ve asked me to work side-by-side with their in-house marketing teams. If that sounds good to you, reach out and let’s chat.


I’ve spoken at conferences and events across the States and Europe from NYC, Boston, Berlin and Barcelona to Budapest, Jerusalem and Zurich. I’ve given a talk at TEDx, as well. The truth is, I feel pretty comfortable in front of a crowd. Always have.

Whether talking to seasoned entrepreneurs about the importance of authenticity and differentiation in branding, or to professionals and students about how best to approach building brands, I’ve got something to say. Usually with an a-ha moment up my sleeve.

Speaking at

Around four years ago, I created a 6-minute video celebrating an immeasurable love for my culture and heritage, underscoring the depth and breadth of Jewish people. It was titled “I’m That Jew”. It went viral and has since been seen over 10 million times by viewers around the world. I was honored to be invited to TEDx Zuribërg to give a talk on why I made it.

I created this with my friend Dana Satterwhite to express our deep admiration and unwavering respect for all women. Our hope was, and still is, that with all the division between people right now, maybe this simple message honoring all women is one everyone can get behind – together. To all women who have ever walked the Earth, this is for you on behalf of all men who feel as we do: We see you. We hear you. We respect you. We thank you. We revere you.

Co-creator of



Special Feature

A few years ago, the international team at Entrepreneur’s Organization flew over to Tel Aviv to interview me for a special edition end-of-year Project Octane feature. (And to be on the cover of their magazine.) In both their magazine publication and this video, I discuss the role authenticity plays in my life, my business and the brand-building process.


Media and Press

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  • Museum of the Jewish People: Featured work on the lobby wall of Beit Hatfutsot.

  • Breaking In: Leading creatives show how to build a portfolio that'll get you hired.

  • The New York Times: A pro bono campaign from NYC to help end child sex.

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