June 16, 2021

Curt Simon Harlinghausen Nerd and Solution Engineer

“On the Internet, everyone has access to everything all the time. People are depressed as they can’t handle it anymore. There’s no guidance.”

Driving incremental sales upwards of $2.5 billion, Curt Simon has worked in over 40 markets for leading global brands.

A professional networker, he’s a well-known international speaker (TedX)(48forward Summit)(CES)(SXSW) and moderator, strategist, executer and solution engineer that spends much of his time helping enterprises, incubators, startUps and digital hubs.

Born in Austria, he founded his first digital company in 1994. Since then, he’s followed that up with 16 more along with significant investments in digital organizations all around the world, specifically in the MarTech, Robotic Process Automation, Development, Data, CRM/CDP, ML/AI and Operations fields.

His agency akom360 was acquired in 2015 by Publicis Groupe so he moved to London to lead their global Business Transformation team where he stayed until February 2020. Currently, he lives on a 17th-century farm with his wife and 5 children and is focused on merging the beauty of its past with the promise of everything future digital. He calls himself the Chief Nerd Officer and CEO of C5H, is an advisory board member and consultant, and fervently believes that ‘Doing is the new consulting’.


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