May 11, 2021

Rose McGowan Social Activist

“I’d rather be laying in a field staring at the sky. That was my dream my whole life. To be one with nature, alone with my thoughts – just happy. But there is A LOT of happiness in my life. And…for the first time…I’m learning about steady happiness.”

Rose McGowan is globally recognized for inspiring millions to use their voice.

A catalyst and driving force for change, her name is synonymous with the #MeToo movement. A Time Magazine Person of the Year, she is also the first woman to be named GQ’s Man of the Year. Despite powerful opposition, in 2014 she also founded #RoseArmy, coining the term ‘Cultural Reset.’

Rose authored an empowering book, Brave, a NY Times bestseller and the audiobook was nominated Audible’s Top Ten of the Year out of 1.6 million titles. Leaving behind a lauded acting career, her directorial debut, Dawn, was nominated for Sundance Grand Jury prize. In her pursuit of finding creative ways to help others, she most recently crafted a sonic journey in the form of an anxiety-soothing concept album called Planet 9 designed to elevate moods.

An inspirational public speaker, she’s given keynotes around the world, from the UK’s Oxford Union all the way to Delhi, India where she shared a stage with President Obama. Rose resides in Mexico where she continues her personal goal of making the world ten percent better – one person, or one million people, at a time.

You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

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