20 Feb Don’t Give Up

Meet Lior Raz. You might know Lior as the creator and actor behind the incredibly successful show Fauda by yes Studios.

But this is him before it. Before all that success.

Lior and I have been colleagues in the communication field for years and this photo was taken a long time ago. 9 years, in fact, when he came to visit us at Natie Branding Agency and I made him a cup of coffee out of my favorite mug.

Now this isn’t a post to namedrop. Far from it. Neither is this simply a photo of a nice guy holding my coffee mug (behind that bad-boy image, Lior really is super-nice.)

This is about much more than that.

I remember when Lior was trying to find himself, as I was when I got back to Tel Aviv. We were posied to potentially work together at BBDO Worldwide‘s Israel office. He was already known in Israel for his guerilla advertising company, as an actor in comedy sketches (as the Shark) and later in other relatively successful shows.

But he had bigger dreams.
He wanted to do his own thing.

And do them he did.

With determination, chuzpah, blood, sweat, imagination, creativity and consistency, Lior has become a household name in Israel and the world.

His talent, work ethic, professionalism, belief in himself and his capabilities (along with a few other things) have gone a long way.

He never gave up.

This photo holds a lot of meaning to me: that you can be who you want to be and make it, no matter what – if you put in the work, believe in yourself, stay true to who you are, and commit.

Every. Single. Day.
Don’t give up.