with Eitan Chitayat

Whether through work or at play, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting some prolific people. Some are friends. Some are colleagues. Some are clients. Some are acquaintances. On ‘I’m That’, we have a chat about who they are, why they do what they do, the things that they love, the things they hate, mistakes they’ve made and victories they’ve had. Maybe deep. Possibly profound. Potentially funny. But always honest.

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November 28, 2021

Rob Schwartz Chair at TBWA New York Group

­­Rob Schwartz is the Chair of the newly-formed TBWA NEW YORK GROUP which includes TBWA\Chiat\Day NY, Lucky Generals NYC and 180NY. The Group is comprised of three distinct and separate creative agencies unified in their belief that the unreasonable power of creativity leads to unreasonably epic results for brands. Rob is the rare creative person...

November 11, 2021

William Green Best-Selling Author

Over the last quarter of a century, William Green has interviewed many of the world’s best investors, exploring in depth the question of what qualities and insights enable them to achieve enduring success. He’s written extensively about investing for many publications and has been interviewed about the greatest investors for magazines, newspapers, podcasts, radio, and...

October 31, 2021

Signe Lønholdt Head of Community Growth, LEGO

“We have this program called the leadership playground, which is really for everyone, no matter which level you’re on at the LEGO Group. You can be a leader and lead your team doing these fun programs that will actually develop the team and you – and of course a lot of it is also learning...

September 8, 2021

Troy Gua Artist

“I’m more satisfied, especially in the world today, moving through the world in a way that satisfies me creatively and can make others happy at the same time. If I can do that, it’s the ultimate.” Born and raised in Seattle, Troy Gua is a passionately creative Artist. He’s a self-taught artist, designer, maker, and tinkerer,...

July 26, 2021

Daniel M. Rosenberg Podcaster & Activist

“I’m a Jack of all Trades, Master of None, which is inherently a negative thing to call somebody. But I see it as something I’m quite proud of.” Daniel M. Rosenberg is a husband of one, father of three and master of none. Professionally he’s worn many hats; in the worlds of accounting and finance,...

July 19, 2021

Romy Samuel Entrepreneur and Sneaker Queen

“Get clear on Your North star. And whatever it is, do something every single day of your life that leads towards it – whatever it is that you want to do.” Though born and raised in Australia, Romy Samuel left after University to see the world. She’s lived in London, Israel, Europe, Melbourne, New York...

July 5, 2021

Guy Spier Author and Investor

Guy Spier is a Zurich-based author and investor. Years ago, he made news by bidding $650,000 with his friend, Mohnish Pabrai, to have a charity lunch with Warren Buffett. They won the bid. And in doing so, won more than they could ever hope for. Guy completed his MBA at the Harvard Business School, class...

June 16, 2021

Curt Simon Harlinghausen Nerd and Solution Engineer

“On the Internet, everyone has access to everything all the time. People are depressed as they can’t handle it anymore. There’s no guidance.” Driving incremental sales upwards of $2.5 billion, Curt Simon has worked in over 40 markets for leading global brands. A professional networker, he’s a well-known international speaker (TedX)(48forward Summit)(CES)(SXSW) and moderator, strategist,...

June 5, 2021

Eve Barlow Journalist and Activist

Eve Barlow is a pop culture journalist based in Los Angeles. She grew up in the UK, worked at the forefront of music journalist in London from 2008-2014, and was Deputy Editor of the NME. Since 2014, Eve has been a freelance journalist in America, critiquing pop, profiling artists and covering film, music and more for the Guardian, New York...

May 31, 2021

Rosanna Arquette Actor, Activist and Filmmaker

Rosanna Lisa Arquette was born in New York City to a show business family. She was the first-born child of five in the third generation of the Arquette acting clan. Her grandfather Cliff Arquette played “Charley Weaver” on “The Jack Paar Show” and was a regular on the original “Hollywood Squares.” Her father, character actor...

May 25, 2021

Karen Alpert Author and Influencer (Baby Sideburns)

“How people turn out starts in the home. I truly believe 98% of the world is good…people who want to raise their children as kind adults, who think of other people’s feelings, who are inclusive, not exclusive and anti-racist.” Karen Alpert is the ridiculously self-deprecating writer of the blog Baby Sideburns. She has a half...

May 11, 2021

Rose McGowan Social Activist

“I’d rather be laying in a field staring at the sky. That was my dream my whole life. To be one with nature, alone with my thoughts – just happy. But there is A LOT of happiness in my life. And…for the first time…I’m learning about steady happiness.” Rose McGowan is globally recognized for inspiring...

May 5, 2021

Nick Bubb Fauna & Flora International, Business Dev. Director

“During my first 1000 mile solo qualifier in the Atlantic in 2002 on a little 21 footer, I was working on the bow in a load of breeze during the night and was washed overboard. Long story short, being clipped on saved my life and I learnt a whole bunch of lessons right there. Nature...

April 26, 2021

Varin Sachdev News Anchor and TV/ Radio Host

  “Stay original. Constantly look for inspiration. Listen to your inner voice and know what you are actually trying to do and say.” Varin Sachdev has been working as a professional broadcast journalist since 1995. He’s currently on as the news anchor and moderator for TNN Channel 16 (World Today) and FM 101 (101 Morning...

April 18, 2021

Carl Loeb Vice President, Salesforce Global Brand

  “As you nurture your career and thinking about your next moves, make sure you’re going where you’re wanted and that you’re taking your job for all the right reasons, your happiness being first and foremost.” Carl Loeb and I go way back. Now at Salesforce, we met on the Volkswagen account at Arnold Worldwide many years ago....

April 4, 2021

Jacqueline De Rojas President TechUK

  “If we are to thrive in a digital future which includes everybody, we must ensure that we have all of our voices heard when it comes to designing technology.” Jacqueline is the President of techUK and the co-chair at the Institute of Coding. She sits as a Non-Executive Director on the board of UK technology business Rightmove PLC, on...