14 Oct Pay the Writer. By Eitan Chitayat.

Fellow creatives and people seeking creative services, take a look at Harlan Ellison’s (brilliant) rant about ’Paying the writer’. In true Ellison style, he’s refreshingly blunt with no holds barred and makes a great point that can be extended to the our beloved branding and communication industry, not ’just’ the writers. He’s obviously got some self-respect and I couldn’t agree more. To me, it’s an appeal to fellow creatives to make sure they get paid for what they do, period. Anyone who doesn’t he calls an ’amateur’, and says they are ruining it for everyone. Because the amateurs hand out freebies and end up bringing down everyone in their industry.

To me, his is a message to anyone who wants to hire creative talent to understand that what creatives do is worth a check. And it’s for creatives to understand that they shouldn’t sell themselves short. If people or companies can’t or don’t want to pay for what you (and your dedicated creative partners) can deliver, that’s ok. But find a company that will pay. Because if you don’t, the ramifications will affect you and your peers around you.

Recently I was told by a dear friend and colleague that people in this country don’t like to pay. And everyone in this country knows it, and accepts it.

I don’t.

So the clients who don’t want to pay can work with any creatives out there who don’t want to get paid, but it’s a shame. I feel bad for the people who accept sub-par payment and I feel bad for the overall effect on a very under-appreciated industry here.

My advice to fellow local agencies, no matter where you are: if you work hard (as my incredible team does) to deliver strong branding, animation, sites, writing, design, and any kind of marketing work, and you do it with as much care, passion, blood, sweat and tears as we do – then just like doctors, builders, mechanics, plumbers, architects, programmers, chefs, engineers, brokers, truck drivers, airline pilots, lawyers, investors, electricians, etc – don’t just expect to be paid. Earn it, and kindly demand it.

My 2 cents?

Fellow creatives, partners and agencies – you’re probably worth it.

Thanks Harlan Elison.