07 Apr To me? Nothing matters more.

When I became a father a few years ago, I made a decision to be present and not miss out on any precious moments with my kids if I could help it. I didn’t want to miss a thing.

Sure, there are business sacrifices I’ve made because of this decision. Quite a few of them. I travel much less and I’m not available for work a few hours a day when I’m with them, unless there’s a real crisis. I’m fortunate that way – I own my own branding agency and am blessed to work with a flexible schedule and with people whom I truly love to pieces.

But this informed and conscious decision to be with my kids for those few hours when many are still working is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Especially in light of the fact that in the¬†industry of branding and advertising, it’s a 24/7 work week.

The antics we get up to when I get home are easily the most meaningful moments in my life. Seeing my child’s happiness as we’re making a giraffe out of lego together, or building a construction site on a mars blanket we’ve concocted together with mama is more precious to me than sealing any new deal, winning any client or gaining any precious business exposure. Taking my oldest son by bus or bike to kindergarten every day is a daily activity I cherish, too.

Playing and being with my kids fills me with life and drives my creativity because I learn so much from them. The way they think. Feel. Move. Connect the dots. Invent stories. Stare. Appreciate. React. To just about anything.

Besides being blessed enough to plain enjoy it as their Dad, I learn so very much from them as a creative professional. To be frank, I love that I get to play in their world so often – because it fuels mine. Big-time. It actually helps fuel what I do for a living. (Bonus).

I guess what I’m saying is no matter where you are or what you do, here’s to you being with your kids. Here’s to finding the balance. To constantly learning. To staying young. To appreciating. To being lucky enough to be able to maximise your time with them. And to making those precious moments count.

A lot of things matter.

To me? Nothing matters more.

Here’s to being present.